In 2020, we are proud to be the UK’s first, and only, sports surfacing company to offer sustainable recycling at the end of a pitch’s lifetime

Sustainable Recycling

With the launch our bespoke recycling plant in Grangemouth, landfill is no longer the final destination for up to 1.5 million metres² of old surfacing every year. Sport facility operators will now have an alternative and sustainable way of disposing of their old artificial turf surface, through our compliant and fully traceable solution. We have developed a new reprocessing plant that will not only deliver overall cost savings for our customers but will go a long way to saving the planet.

Bespoke Technology

Through our unique reclamation processing plant, we are currently able to harvest the very expensive loose infill materials from an old surface – usually white silica sand and rubber granules – which are separated, cleaned, graded and sanitised for re-use in new surfaces. The plastic materials making up the artificial-grass carpet will also be recovered economically in due course.

loose infillharvested

Infill separated,cleaned, graded

readyfor reuse

With the launch of our new plant, SPORTEX Recycling aim to change the way the industry views the disposal of old artificial turf carpets and offer a truly unique and environmentally friendly solution.

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