We are proud to be the UK’s first 360 degree sports surfacing company to recycle 100% of end-of-life synthetic sports pitches

A Lifetime Solution for Sports Surfaces

Sportex’s unique offering gives sports facility operators an alternative and more sustainable solution for the disposal of their end-of-life synthetic turf surfaces. Our compliant and fully traceable recycling solution is not only beneficial for the environment, but is also financially beneficial for our customers.

Our Bespoke Technology

Our bespoke recycling plant in Grangemouth, Scotland, has the ability to process up to 500,000 square meters of synthetic turf every year; preventing an estimated 12,500 tonnes of classified waste from entering landfill every year. By recycling 100% of old sports pitches, all reclaimed materials can be used in the construction or refurbishment of new synthetic turf sports fields… eliminating thousands of tonnes of classified waste from going to landfill every year.

How it works


Our specialist technology separates the rubber granules from the pitch infill system. The rubber is then carefully cleaned and graded to precise particle sizing. The recycled particles are then sampled and tested to ensure they meet current industry standards.


Once the sand has been isolated from the carpet system, it is thoroughly cleaned, dried, graded and bagged, ready for re-use in new synthetic turf installations.


The end-of-life pitch is cut, rolled, bagged and transported to our recycling plant. After the rubber and sand have been removed from the carpet, the old turf rolls are then shredded, cleaned and processed. Specialist plastic agglomeration technology is used to facilitate the production of sustainable recycled plastic kickboard, which are resold back into our industry.

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